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Circus Performers: auditions in Moscow (Russia) – May 2019Circus PerformersAudition
Physical Actors, Clowns & Puppeteers: Audition in Mumbai, IndiaPhysical Actors / ClownsAudition
Mallakhamb performers: Audition in Mumbai, India in April, 2019Circus PerformersAudition
Female Circus Artist or Dancer to Play a 12 year-old GirlPhysical Actors / ClownsSpecific role
Classical, Contemporary and Hip-Hop Dancers – Open Auditions in Las Vegas, NVDancersAudition
Master Acrobatic to be part of Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil in FranceAthletes/Circus PerformersSpecific role
Chinese Physical Actress or Female DancerPhysical ActorsSpecific role
Gentils Circassiens to Be Part of CREACTIVE in Opio en Provence, FranceCircus PerformersSpecific role
Teeterboard Intensive : Apply nowCircus PerformersConference / Seminar
Mime or Physical Actor for a new showPhysical ActorsSpecific role
High Level Professional Figure Skaters - Apply on line!Athletes/Circus PerformersSpecific role
Teeterboard artists for current shows and upcoming creationAthletes/Circus PerformersSpecific role
High Level Male and Female Artistic Gymnasts: Submit your applicationAthletesGeneral Application
Dancers: Submit your applicationDancersGeneral Application
Other talents: Submit your applicationOther TalentsGeneral Application
Athletes: Submit your applicationAthletesGeneral Application
Singers: Submit your applicationSingersGeneral Application
Instrumentalists: Submit your applicationInstrumentalistsGeneral Application
Clowns: Submit your applicationClownsGeneral Application
Circus Perfomers: Submit your applicationCircus PerformersGeneral Application
Physical actors: Submit your applicationPhysical ActorsGeneral Application